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The New Year is here and it is time to turn your ordinary into extraordinary! One way to do this is to prepare yourself for success when it calls you this new year!  At the beginning of this new year, give yourself a makeover! Makeover your mind, body and spirit!

Are you ready when success calls your name this year? Do you have that professional Glam photo to present as a head shot?  NouriTress Salon & Hair Clinic is sponsoring "Be Ready When Success Calls" Head Shot Photography session on February 15th, 2014. Photo Session will include Professional Hair, Makeup & Photography! Here's a sneak peak of our last session!

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Hair Stylist - Jazmin (NouriTress Salon)

“I’m Wearing My Own Hair Are You”? is the statement of the year! Many women are throwing away their wigs & weaves and going back to wearing their own natural hair! Some of them are making the choice to wearing their hair relaxed and some of them are wearing their hair natural!  Whatever choice the make, as long as it’s healthy is the key!

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Short Cuts are definitely stylish and women all over the country have decided to do the big chop!  Stylists are pulling out their shears at an all time record high!  Short cuts makes a woman feel edgy, classy and a bit confident!

Sometimes healthy hair begins with a cut. So if you are looking to change your look or if your hair is damaged, try going shorter it’s the look for the season.

(Hair Cuts shown below are courtesy of NouriTress Salon & Hair Clinic - If you’re looking for a great cut call NouriTress Salon and schedule an appointment today. 

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Hair Stylist - Shaakira (NouriTress Salon)

Hair Loss in African American Women!

Studies show that 30 million women in the world suffer from hair thinning and hair loss and 70% of that 30 million are African American Women.  Hair loss is at an all time high and has become more of an epidemic than just a temporary issue that is going on with the hair.

Some of the major causes of hair loss are:

  • Mechanical Damage (Styling treatments such as braids and hair weaving
  • Diet (Improper eating without getting the right nutrients)
  • Illness (Thyroid, Medications, Cancer, Alopecia, stress)
  • Hormonal (Childbirth, Birth Control methods, pre & post menopause)

The best way to prevent hair thinning & hair loss is to stop it when you first start noticing your hair starting to shed.  Many customers we see at our salon have gone for years without any treatment for their hair thinning and therefore the hair gets worse.  Putting a weave on hair that is thinning does not solve the problem, it only makes it worse because instead of resolving the problem you are covering it up.

In today’s world of hair technology, you can receive a Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis which will allow you to look at your scalp at a 200x magnification to see the condition of your scalp to determine the best treatment to prevent and help restore hair loss and alopecia.  If you are experiencing hair thinning, hair shedding or hair loss, let’s stop this epidemic and schedule a Hair & Scalp Analysis today at the NouriTress Salon & Hair Clinic.  Call 770-4690-9245 and Experience Beautiful Hair Again!



Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis



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