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Braids & Natural Hair

Braids and Natural Hair have become very popular in the Millennium. Most people are wearing braids because they say that they don't have to deal with their hair, it makes their hair grow or just for a fashion statement. Lately, we find more men wearing braids. If you are a basketball fan, you will find that the NBA is full of players who are now wearing braid. EVERYONE is wearing braids, Men, Women & Children, it doesn't make a difference what nationality. The most important fact about braids is the care of them. Make sure you don't wear braid over 8-10 weeks. You must take the braids down to condition your hair and get the ends trimmed. Remember, just because you're wearing braids doesn't mean you shouldn't condition your own hair. Wear the braids for a short time then give your hair a break before you put them in again. Just know that if you have very fine hair, braids may break your hair off so just BEWARE!! Note: Cornrows are less damaging the individual braids. If you would like to receive natural hair services (braids, twists or locs), contact  Trudy @ Shear Haven Salon 404-513-2761.

Remember, Hair was meant to be combed!!

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