Hair Weaving

In today's world of glamour, people will go to almost any length to get the look they want. You hear of Breast Reductions, Lip enhancements, Nose Jobs, Lipo Suction and in the world of hair in which I live in everyday the key word is HAIR WEAVE & Wigs!!

People decide to wear weave for several reasons. My clients for instance wear weave to achieve a certain style, to add length to their own hair, to add thickness to their own hair or because they have a problem with hair thinning or balding. In this section, we are going to talk about the different weaving techniques that are out there and you can decide which one is best for you.

Weaving can be broken up into two different categories, Temporary or Permanent. There are 4 different weaving techniques that we will be discussing


  1. Bonding
  2. Braid Weaving
  3. Net Weaving
  4. Malaysian Ring Weaving Technique
  5. Hair Cranial Prothesis/Lace Wig for Extreme Hair Loss

If you would like to wear weave just to achieve a style for a Holiday function or for a special occasion like a Wedding or would like to add length or thickness temporarily, you may choose the BONDING technique!

Bonding is a temporary technique requires hair glue to add the pieces of wefted hair to your own hair. This technique is not damaging to the hair if it is removed properly. The only instances where hair damage was caused was when clients tried to take the hair out themselves without proper instructions from a professional. This process of putting the hair in and taking it out should be done by a professional. The Cost is usually about $15.00 per track which is an addition to your Shampoo or Relaxer & Style Service.


HAIR CRANIAL PROTHESIS: If you are experience extreme hair loss, there is hope in the land of hair technology that will allow the wind to blow and no one will know it’s not your hair.  This technique’s technical name is called a “Hair Cranial Prothesis” also known as a Full Lace Wig or Lace Frontal, which are done at a hair clinic.  This technique can also be worn in cases of hair loss due to illness such as with patients going through chemotherapy due to cancer or permanent hair loss. View our video on the application of a “Partial Hair Cranial Prothesis”. For more information on any of the hair replacement services on this page, contact NouriTress Salon & Hair Clinic at 770.460.9245.


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