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What is Infusion Weaving - Infusion Weaving is a permanent technique which last anywhere froInfusionsmallm 3-5 months where hair is added individually to small hair strands of the clients own hair. In order to wear this technique, the client's hair must be at least 5-6 inches long. This technique can be done on all types of hair but the longevity of the wear is different on different hair types. 
This technique usually lasts for about 3 months but on RELAXED HAIR this technique lasts about 8-12 weeks.   This is because it is not recommended to relax your hair while wearing the infusions in your hair.  Some hair stylists say that you can relax your hair while wearing the infusions, but studies have shown that when the hair is relaxed while wearing infusions, relaxer can get inside of the relaxer beads and it


is not guaranteed that all the relaxer is removed from in between the bead during the rinsing of the relaxer and this can cause hair breakage. This process pretippedexample1can only be done by a professional only. The cost usually runs about $700 - $800 depending on how large or small the client's head is. The larger the head the more strands are needed to complete the technique. This process usually takes about 4-6 hours using the pre-tipped hair. Pre-tipped hair is sold by a pack of 50 pre-tipped strands.  The cost of a pack of pre-tipped hair averages about $45 a pack.  You need about 7 packs for a full head.  A consultation is required before this technique is done.

Another suggestion for an alternative to the infusion is the Micro Ring Hair Extensions OR Invisible Hairline Lace Front Weave.

Please Note: We have heard horror stories from clients receiving this technique from someone who charges between $150-$200 for the infusion technique.  If someone is charging this low price, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Chances are they are practicing on you.

Micro Ring Technique


The Micro Ring Hair Extension Technique is similar to the Infusion Technique except that heat is not used. The technique involves using a pre-tipped hair extension called
 I-Tipped hair and using small rings and a latch hook to install the hair extensions. Perfect for customers with naturally straight hair. The cost is the same as the infusion technique. This technique must be performed by a professional.




Net Weaving

Braid Weaving

Lace Front Units

Malysian Ring Weaving

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