In today’s world of beauty, customers are definitely looking for different weaving techniques that looks natural but most importantly keeps their hair healthy. The braid weaving technique is a popular technique but can cause tension on the scalp which can lead to hair loss. 

The Malaysian Ring weaving technique is a weaving technique that gives the hair a natural look and does not use glue or requires any braiding or cornrows. This weaving technique is flat, smooth, gentle on the hair and has no lumps or bumps. With this weaving technique, you can add highlights and length in just a few hours. The safe and natural links have a silicone cushion to protect your hair. This method can be applied with hand tied or machine weft hair.

This weaving technique will typically lasts up to 2 1/2 months with proper care and maintenance. This healthy hair weave technique is for clients who want to grow their hair while wearing a look that looks natural. Perfect for full head weave or someone who just want to add fullness to the hair. The Malaysian Ring Weave  eliminates bulkiness and looks so natural, you will not go back to a traditional braid weave!!! This technique allows your scalp to breathe and promotes healthy hair. With this technique, your hair can be shampooed and styled at home. The cost of this technique is about $35 per track not including the hair.  To schedule an appointment to receive the Malaysian Ring Weaving technique or for more information about this technique, contact NouriTress Salon & Hair Clinic at 770-460-9245.


Malaysian Ring Weaving Technique Example


Net Weaving

Braid Weaving

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